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Our guards have only one mission in common that is to protect our customers and their assets, and maintain security as well as safety in the assigned area. Prior to hiring the guards, we will conduct rigorous screening and assessment exercise. Only those who are physically fit and healthy (within age permitted range 18 to 55 years old) disciplined and free from any criminal or illegal record are chosen.

List below are several more commonly requested and provided for services from our wide spectrum of security services:-

Static Unarmed Guard Service

We pride ourselves in offering the best static guard services. Our static guards adhere to the highest security standards and have undergone thorough security trainings. We also ensure all our guards are always alert and well versed in identifying potential threats.

Guard Dogs

We also offer the best of the breed canine services to as a complement to our security officers. These canines are well trained and handled to ensure they are able to sniff out any potential threat. They are loyal, fierce and will surely bite when any threat surfaces.

Armed Guard Service

Uniformed armed security personnel to guard your premises or assets. We have successfully deployed trained armed security officers to guard and protect several high risk premises such as warehouses and banks.

Control Room Coordinators

We also offer outsourcing of our security officers to be control room coordinators. They will be responsible for coordinating and tracking of valuable good movements and will be constantly in touch with the ground security officers. This is to ensure we have covered all security angles.

Private Investigators

We also offer trainer private security officers. This is to ensure we hove investigators to carry out surveillance and investigation on any matter of your concern. Their discretion and results hove always proven to provide the best results.

Other Services

Security Consultation

Consultation is available on a complimentary basis from our Marketing and Customer Services Officers in so far as security equipment’s and the development of security personnel necessary to meet the basic requirements based on the availability of budgets extended.

Internal Static Security Personnel

Uniformed security personnel – armed and unarmed are deployed 24 hours a day to provide for static guard duties and security detail at the various locations inclusive of banks, factories, construction sites, private residences, condominium office towers etc.

Cash In Transit / CIT

The service involves the transference of money and other negotiable instruments between the client’s premises to or from banks using our armored vehicles and armed security personnel. A comprehensive insurance coverage is extended during the handling and transit of the money

Overnight Vaulting and Banking In Services

An ancillary service normally to that of the CIT the service includes the safeguarding of all money collected after the normal banking hours to kept until such time when the money can be deposited into the respective banks

Security Escort

A popular services requested normally by the goldsmith and jeweller This service provides for both armed and unarmed uniformed security personnel to provide for security escorts to and from the showrooms

Personal Bodyguards

Plainclothes armed security personnel from the TGSB Guards from the pool of personal bodyguards who proved for close contact protection to the dignitaries and from the show rooms

Security Consultancy / Survey

Are you in the midst of setting up your own in-house security department but unsure of how to go about? Well, worry not TEGUH SECURITY knows that security cannot be based on trial-error basis. Thus, we also offer security consultancy service to train your in-house officers to be well versed with the security regulations, standards and methodology. We can work together to ensure your assets are well guarded. We can customize this to your requirements and needs

Neighborhood Patrols

Mobile patrol vehicles and uniformed security personnel available for patrolling and any reconnoitering of the residential area to ensure than there are no suspicious characters lounging in or around the residential area. The security personnel will patrol the area of regular intervals and check that  the area is free from any would prowlers and or undesirable elements.

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